A Posthumous BAFTA For Jeremy Brett

Welcome to the official BAFTA 4 JB Website. Here, you can learn about the current campaign to have the late British actor, Jeremy Brett, nominated for a posthumous BAFTA Award.

Feel free to browse our site. You will find a brief section about Mr. Brett's work, information about the petition, a list of our supporters and their letters to us, and updates about our campaign.

Details on how to sign our Petition if you are from the acting industry or from a Sherlock Holmes Society can be found by using the drop-down menu in "The Petition" section. Simply click on "Petition Letter" and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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A Few Lines by Michael Cox

He never recieved the award he deserved for such a remarkable piece of acting but over the years, he came to realise how much he had achieved and what pleasure he had given to millions of people from young children to the oldest and most critical Sherlockians.

IMPORTANT: Anti-Spam Precautions

Following a severe spamming episode on the “Give Jeremy Brett a Posthumous BAFTA Award Petition”, large groups of signatures from one city or country which contain small or no comments, are, as a precaution, now considered suspect spam signatures... READ MORE